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Running from Injuries: Part 2

Running from Injuries: Part 2
Quality over Quantity. Running has become an increasingly popular sport, especially here in Portland. I tend to find that if someone is not currently a runner, they have been at some point, or plan to become one in the near future. Due to the prevalence and the relative ease of access of the sport, runners often begin running without having a template for what is right and what is wrong in terms of form and training. This makes running really unique and also amazing because so many people...
Posted on 2016-11-02

Running from Injuries: Part 1

Running from Injuries: Part 1
Do you love running, but seem to be constantly held back by nagging aches and pains? Perhaps all you need is a small tweak to your training. Although we tend to think that we all perfectly fit the mold of one training program, we unfortunately are all different beings that necessitate INDIVIDUALIZED training programs. If you are looking for a modification of a current training program or looking for a new program that can account for individual differences or injury, it’s time to ask y...
Posted on 2016-10-25

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