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patient enjoying hiking after physical therapy

"I wanted to share a recent experience I had with Mark Hatfield at Bridgetown Physical Therapy.  Luckily for me I have not seen Mark for more than a year and a half for anything other than saying hi. Our last encounter, he was helping me get to the starting line of Mt Hood 50 after recent meniscus surgery and severe plantar fasciitis.  However, that all changed on a late night indoor soccer game in November of this year, 2016. The “dreaded” hamstring pull. I had spent the last 23 months working towards completing an ultra race that I had to drop out of due to the meniscus tear. On the drive home that lonely November night I kept thinking this can’t be happening to me. I pulled my hamstring 6 weeks before one of the most important races of my life?! Two years ago it was a torn meniscus. The next day I ended up trying to run on the Wildwood Trail. The entire six mile run back to my car all I could think about was calling Mark Hatfield over at Bridgetown." Click to read more Rob Hamrick,  Ultra marathoner

"I have been to Bridgetown PT a couple of times for different injuries and I have seen 2 different practitioners with much success. I really like that the practitioners come with varied backgrounds, so they can work with different methodologies to find what works best for you. The staff are all very friendly and helpful. They also encourage continued education, so you know your therapists are always up to date on the newest science and methods."   Jessica Kimmet   (Google Review)

"Josh's "Training Like the Pros" class is on of the best workout classes I've attended. Josh took the time to explain all the stations and provided pointers throughout the class. The studio and people provided a great atmosphere. The class pushed me hard and I felt very accomplished after each session. Josh went beyond and also provided nutrition guidance as well."    Kim Epling  (Google Review)

"We can’t say enough about the quality care and skill of the Bridgetown PT staff. Professional, experienced, knowledgeable and caring are just a few of the words we’d use to describe them. We’d also like to commend them on their community service efforts. Bridgetown PT has been supporting the Team BCT charity running and cycling teams for many seasons. All funds raised by the athletes support Banfield Charitable Trust’s mission of keeping pets and their people together. They've gone above and beyond making sure participants not only are physically ready for an endurance event but also get across the finish line safely. Our participants have come from all levels of athletic experience, most of them have never done an endurance race before, some have lingering prior injuries, and the experienced team members are looking to beat a time. Whatever their goals and needs might be, the Bridgetown team has been with them hand in hand to the finish line and beyond. Many of the participants continue on with Bridgetown post event for care or training. It goes without saying that if you’re looking for care with people that have a strong moral compass and do what’s right for the patient and their community, then look no further. We couldn't have been successful without them!"   Banfield Charitable Trust BCT (Google Review)

"I came here due to Achilles tendonitis caused by bicycling improperly 5 months ago. After persistent pain I saw Ali (Allison) here at Bridgetown PT. She used a massage therapy technique called Astym which uses specially shaped, hard plastic tools to help smooth out and rework soft tissue. After three treatments I was in good enough to hop back on the bike.
Overall, great atmosphere like the other reviews have hit on. Staff are great. I feel like I step inside a friends' house whenever I come, it's fun!    Frank Brislawn  (Google Review)


Review of Mackenzie F. about the clinicPatient initial goals: "I just wanted to feel like a normal 22 year old again, and also learn skills to independently maintain body health and good posture."

Patient achievements at Bridgetown PT: "I now feel empowered that I have the tools to take care of myself and stay healthy. Physical therapy really made all the difference. I'm now so much more in tune with my body and putting these skills to use has made me a stronger, healthier person."

Posted By: Mackenzie F.

Review of Josh C. about the clinicPatient initial goals: "To have no knee pain and return to biking"

Patient achievements at Bridgetown PT: "I am able to bike as much as I want with zero pain. I learned that I could recover from anything and be the person I wanted to be."

Posted By: Josh C.


Review of L. B. about the clinicPatient initial goals: "To reduce back pain, improve posture, and sleeping patterns."

Patient achievements at Bridgetown PT: "Reduced back pain and improved posture almost completely."

Quotes: "I appreciate the friendly, laid-back atmosphere that Bridgetown offers. Josh does a great job of encouraging and making lifting weights seem less like a chore than it might be."  

Posted By: L.B.


Review of Jackie S. about the clinicPatient initial goals: "Continue increasing back strength and overall strength 2-3x/week and walk 2-3x/week."

Patient achievements at Bridgetown PT: "Decreased pain, increased energy, improved mood, feeling of accomplishment."

Quotes: "I highly recommend Bridgetown Physical Therapy for relief of pain, improved fitness, and a great sense of wellbeing. It's fun too!"  

Posted By: Jackie S.


Review of Trent Scott about the clinicPatient initial goals: "Relieve pain in shoulder. Strengthen shoulder for return to work"

Patient achievements at Bridgetown PT: "Pain gone. Full range of motion. Exercise routine. Return to work full time."

Quotes: "Staff is very nice and helpful. Josh is very thorough and explains things very well. Studio is well equipped, organized and clean."  

Posted By: Trent Scott


Review of Wayne P. about the clinicPatient initial goals: "Building muscle mass/flexibility in shoulder – also work out spasm in back."

Patient achievements at Bridgetown PT: "Feeling great! Back is good, shoulder good, feeling much better."

Quotes: "Josh has really, really helped me. I've had the opportunity to work with him twice now. Both times not only met, but exceeded expectations. Bridgetown is highly recommended."  

Posted By: Wayne P.


Review of Logan McClain about the clinicPatient initial goals: "1) Walk (consistently) for more than 6 blocks without pain. 2) In general, alleviate hip and leg pain independent from pain medication. 3) Educate myself about my arthritis and methods of maintaining a pain-free lifestyle."

Patient achievements at Bridgetown PT: All of the above were achieved

Quotes: "The two months of physical therapy with Mark at Bridgetown PT gave me the strength and confidence to live the active lifestyle I lost after my surgery."  

Posted By: Logan McClain


Review of Sam McCurdy about the clinicPatient initial goals: "To eliminate the pain in my tricep"

Patient achievements at Bridgetown PT: "Greatly reduced the pain in my tricep and learned many techniques to stay healthy and pain free."

Quotes: "Mark and the entire staff at Bridgetown was friendly and helpful, and I would gladly recommend them to anybody."

Posted By: Sam McCurdy


Review of Jessica P. about the clinicPatient initial goals: "To recuperate from a back injury after an accident"

Patient achievements at Bridgetown PT: "Working with Mark has helped me to regain my back strength and my pain has greatly subsided.  I have also developed stronger back, arm, and core muscles and hope to maintain my program going forward."

Quotes: "My experience with Bridgetown was both rewarding and fun plus I greatly appreciated it."

Posted By: Jessica P.


Review of John Risley about the clinicPatient initial goals: "Alleviate numbness in my right arm due to a pinched nerve in my neck."

Patient achievements at Bridgetown PT: "Some progress. A total cure was not expected."

Quotes: "Mark is very professional and hard working. Great staff, facility and convenient location."

Posted By: John Risley


Review of Stephanie P. about the clinicPatient initial goals: "Reduce pain in right arm/shoulder. Improve my strength and become more independent in my weight workouts."

Patient achievements at Bridgetown PT: "1) No pain in my arm/shoulder – a very positive achievement because I was only expecting to reduce the pain. 2) I increased my strength. 3) Increased awareness of how much I can push myself physically, which has given me more confidence in my weight lifting ability."

Quotes: "This is my first experience with physical therapy, and it far exceeded my expectations! Not only is my arm and shoulder pain completely gone, I feel that Josh has equipped me with a life-long plan for staying stronger, healthy, and injury-free. I love the philosophy and approach Bridgetown Physical Therapy and Training Studio embraces! They are both challenging and encouraging – a great combination."

Posted By: Stephanie P.


Patient's review about the clinic
Patient initial goals:
"Stop pain in forearm and resume daily household activities, computer work, and writing."

Patient achievements at Bridgetown PT: "Greater awareness of ergonomics & importance of strength. Improved strength & flexibility –desire to continue strength training to maintain strength. No more pain! Can now write and keyboard for extended periods of time"

Quotes: "I lived with pain for 6 months before starting strength training because previous therapies focused on immobilizing the weak injured area and avoiding activity instead of focusing on the problem: weak muscles. I now realize the importance of strength training to avoid future injuries."


Review about the clinic from Ryan EmeryPatient initial goals: "To recover so my back would not hurt"

Patient achievements at Bridgetown PT: "My back stopped hurting. Better shape."

Quotes: "I enjoyed both Mark and Josh’s attitude."

Posted By: Ryan Emery

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