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Bridgetown Physical Therapy & Training Studio is a premier fitness and sports rehabilitation clinic.  We are committed to supporting real local Portland athletes that accel in their sport and community.  We are always looking to connecting with athletes that inspire our business and our customers.  Each year we pick athletes to support with physical therapy and personal training services.

2016 Bridgetown Athletes

Rob Hamrick, Ultra marathoner

“December 17th was the start of the Lookout Mountain 50 mile trail race. This was the race I had been waiting to complete for the last 24 months. I ran along sandstone bluffs, Civil War battle fields, waterfalls, had a few rope climbs and even some freezing fog, rain and wind. The race could not have gone any better. After three years of running Ultra marathons, this race was the first time without cramps. Must have been all those countless “monster walks” :) and newly improved strength in my hamstrings.

I can’t say enough about Mark and his entire team at Bridgetown. They impressed me last year and simply blew me away this year. I gave Mark a daunting task and he crushed it. I finished the race 48th/160th with a time of 10h44m with over 7,300’ vertical feet of climbing.”


2015 Bridgetown Athletes

Jonathon “The White Shadow” Paulson

31 yrs old. 6’5” 230lbs.  Started fighting professionally in 2010 throughout Asia, competing in Muay Thai, Karate, MMA, and no rules tournaments.  Current total record is 20-6.  After winning the 2014 “Asia’s Most Dangerous Man” kumite, Jonathan flew back to the West Coast for surgery on his neck and hip.  He rehabbed at Bridgetown PT, and 5 months later finished fourth in the China Karate Championships.  

 Crossfit Max Efforts:

Fran: 3:54
Grace: 3:14
500m Row: 1:28
400m Run: 1:10
Fight Gone Bad: 350
Clean and Jerk: 250#


Vanessa Lee

Vanessa trained with Bridgetown PT for over a year to prepare for Team USA and compete for the IDBF World Nations Championship.  Their boat had the most wins ever in USA history and the first team to ever win a Gold medal. 

2015 Team USA: 2000m Gold Medal, 1000m Silver Medal, 200m Silver Medal, 500m Silver Medal

Other 2015 Accomplishments:  4th in the 500m with Wasabi Women’s Program at Rio Tinto Alcan in Vancouver, BC

2014: 10th in the 2000m; 11th in 200m; and 8th in 500m with Wasabi Team HUGE in the IDBF Club Crew World Championships in Ravenna

2013: 2nd at Alcan in Vancouver, BC with Wasabi Team HUGE

2012: 14th in the 200m and 500m with Wasabi Team HUGE at the Club Crew World Championship in Hong Kong


2014 Bridgetown Athlete


Carleen Matthews (Lessard)

32 years old.  Ranked 36th in the World in the 2015 Crossfit Games Individual Women.  Started Crossfit Dec. 2010 Coached by Chris McDonald of CrossFit X- Factor in NW Portland Owner of CrossFit St Helens Education: CrossFit level 1 trainer CFL2 CrossFit Kids trainer course CrossFit Gymnastics course CrossFit X-Factor Oly Lifting Clinic NASM C-PT Crossfit comps: 2016 Wodapallooza 15th place 2016 Fort Vancouver Championships 1st place 2015 Games athlete 2015 2nd place West Region 2015 1st place North West Open 2015 2nd Place Fort Vancouver Invitational with Jess Core 2014 8th place CrossFit Games Team series Fort Vancouver Green 2014 6th placeGranite games 2014 Granite Games qualifier 20th place 2014 OC Throwdown 6th place 2014 OC Throwdow qualifier 1st place 2013 Gobbler Gauntlet team comp. 1st place 2013 Oregon Summer games 1st place 2013 Sasquatch throwdown 9th place 2013 CrossFit Games Northwest regionals 6th place 2013 CrossFit Games Open Northwest 1st place 2013 Oregon winter games 8th place 2012 Gorilla Games 3rd place Lane 5 CrossFit Redline Games 1st place CrossFit 503 Woof WOD 3rd place 2012 Crossfit XFactor Throwdown 3rd place 2012 Oregon Summer Games 18th place 2012 CrossFit Games NW Regionals 46th place 2012 CrossFit Games Open Northwest 9th place 2012 Oregon Winter Games Deadlift: 355# Back squat: 285# Clean & Jerk: 205# Squat Clean: 225# Snatch: 165# Overhead Squat:210# Bench press: 175#x2 500m row: 1:54 400m run: 1:21 2k row: 7:56 L-sit: 46 sec Max pull ups :35