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If you want to recover and optimize preparation for races like a professional athlete but you don’t want to spend thousands on equipment, Bridgetown PT offers a membership with access to our athlete recovery services.  Our goals are to allow access to equipment to optimize recovery from your training session so you can train harder tomorrow, shorten the tapering time for your race and get to the start line as fresh as possible. 

Sport Performance Membership Package 

$75 per month introductory rate

VO2 max 3x per year to coincide with training schedule  

Access to Recovery Devices 


Weight Loss Membership Package 

$75 per month introductory rate 

Resting Metabolic Rate 3x per year 

Body Fat Composition 3D Scan 1x per month

Access to Recovery Devices 


Recovery Membership Package

 $50 per month introductory rate 

Access to Recovery Devices 



Recovery Devices Access Includes:  

Cryo-compression- GameReady- Restore joint range of motion and reduce effects of overuse with the combined benefits of cold therapy and compression in one treatment session. 


NormaTec Boots - Fresh legs compression- Flush out your lower extremities from the metabolic waste products due to intense exercise so that you can cut down recovery time, reduce muscle and joint stiffness, and enjoy improved training and racing load with accelerated rejuvenation of your major lower extremity tissues. 

Marc Pro - Fresh Muscles - Cutting-edge electronic muscle stimulation device that helps muscles recover faster,
allowing professional and everyday athletes to perform and feel their best.

Compex Elite - Muslce Recovery - Increases local blood flow, leading to a faster reduction of lactic acid than mere rest, promotes muscle relaxation and helps enable a faster recovery.


G5 Massager- Reduce muscle soreness and improve flexibilty- Roll out and compress the muscle groups of the major athletic muscles, great for tight IT bands, vastii of the quadriceps, and reducing the pain and tightness of shin splints 15-30 minutes 


Deep Muscle Stimulator- Targeted Muscle Tightness- Reduce muscle stiffness from your activities and restore range of motion to be ready for your next workout 15-30 minutes 

3D Body Scan Analysis- this device quickly and accurately measures body dimensions of the whole body to help you set goals for your body transformation and measure the benefits of your training 

Hypervolt- relieve stiffness and soreness after your training session and maintain range of motion. 15-30mintues 


Vyper Recovery Roller- Intense vibration with foam rolling to reduce muscle tightness 15-30minute.









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