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Men's Pelvic Health

A healthy pelvis is a key part of optimal health, performance, and wellbeing. When there is pain or dysfunction in the pelvis it can affect sexual function, bowel and bladder control, and can send pain to the back, hips, and abdomen. This can severely limit our ability to focus at work, have sex and intimacy with a partner, and participate in sport and the active lifestyle.
Pelvic pain and dysfunction is a common problem for all genders but men can have more difficulty seeking care for their pelvic dysfunction due to the sensitivity of these issues and that few PTs have specialty training in treating the pelvis and even fewer providers treat men's specific pelvic issues.

Grant Headley is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with specialty post-doctoral training from the Herman & Wallace Institute in helping men overcome pelvic pain and dysfunction. He also personally has dealt with pelvic pain as a patient himself, he knows how devastating pelvic dysfunction can be and how difficult it can be to find help for these issues but also how dedication to finding the right providers, diligence with the right daily practices, and patience can lead to overcoming pain and finding even greater performance.

The first step to getting help is calling us for a physical therapy evaluation with Grant.

All physical therapy sessions are one-on-one the entire 45minutes to 1 hour. In keeping with our standard practice at Bridgetown, you will never be passed off to another therapist. Each session is dedicated to optimizing your recovery and regaining your function to reach your goals.

Treatment is performed in a private room to ensure the privacy of the patient.

During the evaluation we will discuss what issues you are having that are affecting your life, evaluate the movements and tissues, and plan a course forward that can include pelvic floor manual therapy, strengthening and mobility exercise, breathing and relaxation education, and building a personalized daily routine for you to be able to own the tools of your own recovery.

Common Issues that Pelvic PT can help:

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Penile or Scrotal Numbness
  • Post Urination Dribbling
  • Urinary Incontinence
  • Rectal Pain
  • Pelvic Pain with sitting or activity
  • Post prostatectomy pain or incontinence
  • Hypertonic Pelvic Muscle Dysfunction
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Low back and Sacral pain

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