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What is Telehealth and what do appointments look like?

Bridgetown is now offering Telehealth appointment which allow you to video conference with your physical therapist when you are unable to make it into the clinic for an appointment. This appointment and video conference are completed over a platform called Doxy.me which is a HIPAA compliant telehealth program.

During these appointments a Physical Therapist will be able to conduct an evaluation to determine if you are appropriate for physical therapy and rule out any emergent or referral to other healthcare providers. We also are able to complete follow up appointments with established patients where we can check in on progress with plan of care, review home program, correct any errors with exercise, and modify treatment as needed if symptoms are improving or worsening. We also are available to progress you through your plan of care while answering any questions you may have about your condition or address any concerns in your progress.

These sessions are ideal for individuals who are unable to make it to their appointment due to illness or avoidance of a widespread pandemic. It is an efficient way to see a healthcare provider who can screen for necessity of further care or referral to a hospital or medical doctor. This is a cost-effective method to receive care in a time when resources may be limited within the healthcare system.


What is the cost of a Telehealth?

Appointments are currently completed through a cash pay system that will be invoiced with a payment link to your email using Square. Physical Therapists are currently advocating with health insurance companies to reimburse physical therapy through Telehealth but with limited success. If you have an HSA or FSA account you can pay for your sessions with these accounts.

Evaluations are initially schedule for 25-30 minutes and will cost $50.00

Follow up appointments will begin in increments of 15 minutes for $25.00. These sessions are able to go longer and will be on a case by case basis and determined by you and your physical therapist. If you require a longer appointment time with your Physical Therapist, they are happy to schedule you as long as needed.


What is the app this is done through?

We are currently using doxy.me where you will sign up for free as a patient. Enter doxy.me into your browser to take you to the landing page. Once you arrive on the landing page you select “sign up for free” as a patient.

You will then enter your unique provider’s link and your name to check in which will take you to a virtual waiting room where your provider will start a video conference call.

With this app your provider will be able to speak with your directly, review exercises, and transfer files and your home program to you directly through a secure server and platform.

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