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5 Most Effective Exercises

Best Bang For Your Exercise Buck

You may be a gym junkie or a complete exercise novice, but at some point you have probably thought, will give me the best bang for my exercise buck?!

I asked the Bridgetown Physical Therapy team exactly that and I have complied the most popular ones.hat exercises will give me the best bang for my exercise buck?!

Now before you go charging in and perform these exercises at your next workout, please make sure that you are cleared by your GP and/or physical therapist to undertake them. Making sure you use correct technique, appropriate load for your level and progress steadily at all times!! Here we go, our top 5 in no particular order:

1. Chin Ups

2. Push Ups/Bench Press

3. Barbell row/body weight row


5. Dead lifts

Yes I know there are a couple of two in ones in there but I couldn't separate them. There are many variations to all of the exercises above and that's why these 5 are, in our opinion, the best bang for your exercise buck.