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A Physical Therapist's View on Crossfit!

While dining at The Farm with a friend, my girlfriend proclaimed that she was relieved to have a dinner conversation that did not include Crossfit, since her boyfriend is a complete fitness junkie who spends 10 hours a day at a Crossfit gym only to come home and spend three hours watching Crossfit videos on YouTube. To her dismay, the moment she murmured the word "Crossfit", the bartender and two local patrons perked up with an immediate, " you do Crossfit?!?!?!". It is impossible to participate in the fitness community these days and not come to hear about Crossfit, yet just because it's popular does that mean you will be able to perform safely and stay injury free?

Crossfit is defined as "constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity".  Crossfit workouts combine cardiovascular, strength and resistance training, Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, powerlifting, running, rowing, and flexibility training. Crossfit has made an enormous impact on the community of fitness by providing an eclectic approach to training and exposing the average recreational athlete to training formerly reserved for the elite athlete or military personnel. However, most of us are not elite professional athletes and it is crucial we receive proper education/coaching on how to be safe while pursuing such an intense and rewarding form of fitness. 

It has been my goal to combine Doctorate level orthopedic and human performance science with the Crossfit fitness model to provide people with the ability to reach maximum fitness while remaining injury free.  As an avid Crossfitter, I have sought the best coaching and training available; I learned my Olympic lifting from the head Crossfit Olympic lifting coach and former USA Olympic coach, Mike Burgner one-on- one in his garage while receiving Biomechanic lectures on the shoulder complex from a triple PHD professor the same morning. By combining these two knowledge mediums, I have witnessed my athletes reach new levels of strength and competitive success by combining Physical Therapy mobility and recovery techniques with the traditional Crossfit workouts.  The most important skill set to have in Crossfit is proper movement which takes expert coaching, flexibility, and hard work. Because people often come in to Crossfit very stiff from their occupational postures, I treat up to twenty Crossfitters a week with orthopedic injuries associated with high training intensity without appropriate movement patterns and range of motion. With that said, Bridgetown Physical Therapy will be providing preparation classes to teach the body how to safely perform at the highest level of fitness on Earth! 

We are hoping to offer these classes at our new facility beginning in mid October. Classes will be $10 a person, beginning at 6:30pm Tuesday nights, and each class will last one hour. 

Please email  info@bridgetownpt.com if you are interested in joining us!

By:  Luke Hartmann, PT, DPT, CSCS