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Bike Fitting Available

Who should have a bike fit?

Anyone who has pain when they ride their bike! Portland is continually ranked as one of the best cities to bike in the country, so it is likely that you have spent at least a little time on a bike in the recent past. Whether you are a recreational rider, a consistent century participant, a work commuter or a hard charging triathlete, riding your bike should be a pain-free experience and a proper bike fit will help get you there.

Why should I consider a bike fit?

If you have neck or low back pain, numb hands or feet or wrist or shoulder pain when you ride it is likely caused by a combination of poor bike ergonomics and biomechanical issues (impaired strength, flexibility, posture).  Who better to assess your body, biomechanical and bike interface than a physical therapist who is trained to do so?

What happens in a bike fit?

Bike fitting takes an hour and the appointment is spent evaluating your body, your bike and of course your body on your bike. Flexibility, strength, range of motion, and your current injuries or issues will be assessed as will your position on the bike. You will likely be provided homework that will focus on any strength, flexibility, postural or movement impairments seen during the evaluation. Recommendations for different components (seatpost, stem, pedals, etc) may be suggested as well. After your bike fit you will be asked to spend some time riding with the new fit to allow your body to get used to changes that were made. Bike fitting is a process and sometimes it may be necessary to come in for a re-fitting.

How much does bike fit cost...aka does insurance cover this?

If you are having a bike fit due to an injury or pain syndrome, your insurance will most likely cover your bike fit. Insurance does not recognize bike fit as a specific physical therapy service, but it does recognize the use of PT for rehabilitation for pain and injuries sustained while riding! We just need to make sure that Bridgetown is contracted with your insurance company. If you are interested in a bike fit for purely performance issues insurance will not cover bike fit but you can still get a bike fit- $125 for a 1 hour bike fit.

For more details email Ali at atheen@bridgetownpt.com or call 503-222-1955 if you have scheduling or insurance questions.