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Morning Success at Bridgetown Physical Therapy

Does your morning routine set you up for success?

The alarm goes off, what is your first move?

What do you want to be optimally able to do?

Besides the point if yesterday you got enough sleep or ate things that do not agree with you, today is a chance to start over and set yourself up to feel and perform your best. The morning routine of pros whether it be in sports, business, or any person good at what they do is something to be emulated, but you have to find your own aspects that work for you and that you respond to.

Arnold Schwarzenegger started the day before breakfast with fetching the milk from the farm down the road and doing pushups and situps until his dad let him have breakfast as a reward. Venture capitalist and podcaster Tim Ferris starts the day meditating and journaling. Author James Altucher starts by reading the New York Times over coffee. Each person has a process that they identify as helping them wake up their instincts.

I became a physical therapist because of how I experience exercise as a powerful tool to change state from status quo to help me make hard changes to getting myself on track with what I really want to be doing. The days I put my feet on the ground and start my morning movement practice I feel more awake within 10-20minutes and for the rest of the day I

oing this small but important thing to start the day practicing opening the body. As Elliot Hulse talks about, there is no separation between mind and body, The Voltaire principle of mind vs body may be a concept that we can move on from. The brain afterall is an organ that is directly affected by the chemicals running in your bloodstream which you can affect in a positive way with a little exercise. am both more alert and relaxed. On the days I do not do this, I have learned it is not the end of the world, but I know I am not d

The routines and lessons in my life that help me and help the people that come in to see me, I am compelled to share. If you need a guide and a community of people to help ease you into the day and help you find a morning routine that works,

Show up and you will get a great workout that will help you be ready.

Monday through Thursday and Saturday you will be led by a doctor of physical therapy in a physical practice that will help you get stronger and more mobile.

Monday and Wednesday 630AM: Power Yoga with Grant Headley PT DPT

Tuesday and Thursday 6:30AM: Pilates with Darla Phillips PT DPT

Saturday 8:30AM "Training like the Pros" with Josh Kernan PT DPT

And how about a two a day workout as Training Like the Pros is also going on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6:30PM

Find a routine that helps you be the best

-Grant Headley, PT, DPT