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Running from Injuries: Part 1

Do you love running, but seem to be constantly held back by nagging aches and pains? Perhaps all you need is a small tweak to your training. Although we tend to think that we all perfectly fit the mold of one training program, we unfortunately are all different beings that necessitate INDIVIDUALIZED training programs. If you are looking for a modification of a current training program or looking for a new program that can account for individual differences or injury, it’s time to ask your physical therapists at Bridgetown Physical Therapy and Training Studio for help.

Your physical therapists can help you fine tune these training errors to get you on your path to injury free running. We can help you manage your training loads via modification of volume and intensity, provide footwear recommendations, and teach you how to listen to signals your body sends you when it’s overworked. Most importantly, we can help you stay focused on your goals whether it is to run your first mile or to get a personal best in an upcoming marathon. We are here for you.

Stay tuned for more training tips in upcoming posts!


Happy Running,


Anna Wetzel, PT, DPT