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Welcome Stephanie Schultz, DPT to Bridgetown PT

Stephanie graduated with honors from Pacific University with a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree (DPT). She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Oregon with a major in Human Physiology and a minor in Dance. Stephanie has continued to further her education with continuing education classes. She is certified in Graston Technique, which is a patented form of instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization using stainless steel instruments that assist with the breakdown of scar tissue and fascial restrictions. The Graston Technique instruments are used to help detect scar tissue, adhesions and restrictions in an affected area. The tools are then used to comb over the tissue to break up these adhesions to allow reabsorption into the body and improved mobility.

Stephanie is also a certified STOTT PILATES Rehabilitation Instructor in Mat and Reformer, receiving her certification through Pacific Northwest Pilates. STOTT PILATES is a form of "intelligent exercise" with a focus on core stability, including pelvic and shoulder girdle stabilization, breathing, and neutral alignment. Pilates uses 5 basic principles to educate an individual on proper body alignment and breathing techniques. These principles are applied to functional exercises to improve strength and flexibility, reduce tissue tension, and provide patients with a new understanding of how their body should move and align itself during daily activities to provide long-term relief and improved function.

Stephanie is passionate about helping patients return to their prior activity level while educating them about how their body moves and functions. Stephanie trained in ballet for 17 years and is now interested in pursuing training in other forms of dance. She also enjoys hiking, biking, and world travel. She has had the incredible opportunity to travel to 15 different countries and 11 states within the United States and hopes to continue her travel throughout her lifetime.

Stephanie is thrilled to be back in her hometown of Portland and is looking forward to working with you! Please free to contact her at sschultz@bridgetownpt.com or call the clinic at 503-222-1955 to schedule an appointment with her.